kria (v)/krē-yä/


“To cultivate, create, grow.” 

Kria is an investment and strategic communications firm that builds capacity in people and organizations that are doing good in the world. 


Strategy, Investment, Advising



We work locally and globally in three focus areas:

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From Vermont to West Africa, Kria is part of a growing global movement towards cooperative-based, locally empowered agriculture.

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Building on decades of experience in government and politics, Kria is helping progressive political campaigns, advocacy groups, government officials, and citizen leaders.

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Climate Action

Climate change is an urgent global threat, but also an opportunity; we work with non-profits, businesses, and advocates working to protect the planet and make smart energy choices.


Recent Work

Kria provides a range of services for campaigns, businesses, and non-profits. We invest in some projects, consult on others, and write about things we're  passionate about.  Our projects are diverse, but each one fits our vision, is fun to work on, and aims to do good in the world.


The Gambia

Botanical Center of Excellence

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