The State of Vermont has a big energy goal - 90 percent renewables by 2050 – and it’s going to take smart strategy and collaboration to reach it. Kria was part of the state’s effort in 2011 to set Vermont on the 90 by 50 path, and we’re working with Vermont energy leaders to keep the state on track to a renewable future.

Some of our work includes:

-  Partnering with the Vermont Energy Action Network to amplify the impact of the Vermont Community Energy Dashboard. The Dashboard is an invaluable tool for individuals and communities creating energy action plans at the local level. Expressly created to help Vermont achieve its 90 by 50 goals, the Dashboard offers seven interactive tools to set goals, track progress, and share stories. Kria’s job is to bring energy leaders together to ensure the Community Energy Dasbhoard is funded, updated, and continues to serve as a key planning tool until we achieve 90 percent renewables in 2050 (or sooner!).
-  Strategizing with Efficiency Vermont – the nation’s first efficiency utility and symbol of Vermont’s energy leadership – to create jobs, make Vermont more affordable, and help businesses adapt to climate change. The energy debate often focuses on generation, from fossil fuels to ridgeline wind development. Efficiency saves Vermonters tens of millions of dollars every year – energy that doesn’t need to be generated in the first place.
-  Working with Renewable Energy Vermont to tell renewable success stories. Renewable energy has transformed Vermont’s economy, adding jobs and economic growth while keeping Vermont’s electric rates among the lowest in the region. Kria partnered with REV to highlight the stories of Vermonters – from small business owners to residential customers – who are saving money and growing jobs in our renewable economy.