But what is it that we DO?


After a couple years of planning and detours, we formally introduced Kria a few weeks ago on Facebook and in the Vermont press. The response from friends and colleagues on social media and in conversation has been gratifying and overwhelmingly positive. We’ve felt so much support for what Dan and I are setting out to achieve with Kria.

But not many people totally understand it. A common response I’ve heard goes something like: “Kria sounds cool. I saw your website, I get that you do both consulting and investing in Vermont and Africa. But what exactly do you DO?”

We created this blog to show, rather than just tell, the story of what Kria is all about. Like learning how to play a new board game, sometimes it’s easier to just pick it up as you go.

So here’s what we’re working on right now, and what you’ll be reading more about on this blog:

  • Juice in Cape Verde: we’re in the process of estimating costs of production, researching barriers to entry, and creating proformas and market analysis for what we hope will become Cape Verde’s first domestic juice business.

  • Vermont botanicals: we’re looking for entrepreneurs working in the therapeutic botanical economy in Vermont.

  • Partnering with clients on writing and strategy. We're working with advocacy groups like Change the Story and businesses like Solidarity of Unbridled Labour that share our values and are engaged in exciting, important work. For more about the services we offer, click here. 

  • Cape Verde governance: Bill’s engaged in a long-term strategic planning project with the senior staff of the Prime Minister of Cape Verde.

Updates on these projects, and whatever else we find interesting, will appear frequently here.