Welcome to KriaBlog

I’m a late adapter to social media. I rarely tweet, don’t use Instagram, and only recently started stirring on Facebook. I fear oversharing. I don’t like using the word “I” when I write. So, naturally, I’m starting a blog.

Why? Mostly because Dan Chang and I started a business, Kria, that depends on sharing and collaboration to succeed. We want to tell the story of what we’re doing. We think it’s cool and unique, but it’s hard to explain Kria in an elevator or crowded bar. We have the one-sentence/one paragraph summary down (see: kriagroup.com), but the truth is what we’re doing is experimental and weird and new. This blog tells the Kria story as it unfolds.

But we’re also motivated to be more vocal in the wake of November 8. A lot of us are wondering how to resist and respond to the new Trump reality. For us, the answer is to step out of what’s comfortable; speak up a little louder.  Tell stories that advance an alternative agenda to division and fear and ignorance.

The  idea of Kria is to create business collaborations in Vermont and West Africa, while partnering with clients on writing and strategy projects all over. We’re organizing Cape Verdean fruit farmers and trying to grow a hemp CBD industry in Vermont. It’s quirky, but we’re creating businesses and partnering with smart, passionate, and compassionate people. This kind of business model represents pretty much the polar opposite of big and corporate . 

For 20 years, I’ve focused my civic activism on politics and campaigns. With Kria, Dan and I are using entrepreneurship as a platform for doing good in communities we love. It’s very different work from politics, but it’s leading us to the same place. As the Kria story unfolds, we’ll be collecting our thoughts on Kria’s blog (kriagroup.com/kriablog), and I’ll be posting and tweeting more frequently on all my social media channels. I’m even joining Instagram.