Consulting Services

Kria provides the following consulting services to campaigns, advocacy groups, non-profits, and businesses:

  • Campaign expertise. Bill Lofy is a veteran of dozens of statewide electoral campaigns, from U.S. Senate to governor races. He works with campaigns as a general consultant: advising on strategy and implementing campaign plans. Bill is currently lead strategist for Congressman Tim Walz’s campaign for governor of Minnesota.  

  • Communications strategy. Kria provides strategic planning, visioning, and public relations services to non-profits and businesses. We are currently working with a major energy efficiency organization to create and implement a comprehensive public relations plan that includes grassroots and grasstops outreach, relationship building with journalists, and storytelling through op-eds and digital content.

  • Written content. We create a wide range of written materials for clients, some that is “ghostwritten” with a client’s byline, and some that is unattributed. This content includes press releases, strategy memos, op-eds, letters to the editor, blog posts, white papers, and grant proposals.

  • Social media content. Kria creates and schedules social media content, manages social media strategy, monitors clients’ social media feeds, and creates rapid response strategies.

  • International governance strategy. Kria helps developing countries manage executive transitions to power. In West Africa, Kria works with countries like Cape Verde and The Gambia on communications strategy, effective management of the executive branch of government, strategic planning, and inter-ministerial coordination.

Strategic Investing

Kria engages in the following investment-related work, both domestically and internationally:

  • Incubating a Vermont Botanical Center of Excellence with both investments and entrepreneurship. We are deeply committed to creating a Center of Excellence that builds on the strength of Vermont’s brand and grows new agricultural opportunities for the state. Dan Chang is leading our 2017 hemp grow – harvesting over a thousand hemp plants for CBD extraction – and growing an eco-system of farmers and entrepreneurs committed to botanical excellence in Vermont.

  • Seed investments to entrepreneurs. Kria engages in small-scale investing in businesses that share our core values. These investments are diverse – from restaurants to manufacturing – but have in common a commitment to progressive principles.

  • Identify promising start-ups and provide both hands-on practical advice and planning services to new entrepreneurs. We’re always looking for promising new opportunities and people with whom we can collaborate.